At MeatyMart, our focus is on the sustainable production and retail of Affordable, Fresh and Hygenic MEAT.
We always strive to give you the best DEAL on MEAT!

Our state of the art meat processing facilities and retail outlests in Abuja and Lagos provide the best cuts of meat delivered to your door at the best prices.
From traditional dish cuts,to carcasses and even special cuts (like sirloin, steak and brisket) we are geared to always meet all your needs


Best deal is that we deliver and we offer reasonable prices, that beats the competition while processing your meat to the highest standards possible in a modern meat processing plant.


At our state-of-the-art facility, we slaughter every 48 hours in batches of orders. To meet your needs, we require 48 hours advance notice for bulk order/deliveries. Commit to repeat orders today and get a discount!


We operate a world-class meat processing plant in Jikwoyi, Abuja - and is built from ground-up to handle slaughtering, processing, packaging, and distribution of hygienic, affordable and expertly curated meat.